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HEART! :: a free health screening & wellness day for artists
Imagine a world without art and music...

Art and music contributes to almost every facet of human experience, yet artists and musicians, whether traditional or nontraditional, represent an underserved population with respect to healthcare. Many artists and musicians have no health insurance and very little access to affordable healthcare; yet continue to create powerful contributions to community and society. Many artists have found themselves in tough predicaments trying to pay for much needed health and dental care, which often time goes unattended until there is a serious problem or in some cases, fatality.

HEART! is designed to promote health and wellness amongst artists and musicians. Free health screenings are offered to artists and musicians as information on preventative approachs to healthcare. Screenings will provide participants a snapshot of their health, and an opportunity to implement lifestyle changes to stay healthy. Select vendors that can offer free or affordable healthcare resources, holistic health and wellness information, mental & emotional support, and fitness options are invited to participate. Live art, DJ's and cooking demonstrations are also components of this artsy day of wellness.