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  Soul Poetic

Fashioned as a musical narrative, SoulPoetic is an evening of jazz, poetry, and soul music. Take a walk through the history of music as it relates to poetry. Narrated by internationally known radio DJ, Jamal Ahmad of WCLK, SoulPoetic features Grammy Award Nominee Alex Lattimore and Memphis, TN jazz soul singer, Valencia Robinson and author & poet, Okeeba Jubalo.

  Who is Alex Lattimore?

A musical theatrical inspired by the voices of Nina Simone; Aunt Sarah, Saffronia, Sweet Thing, and Peaches, 3Women: Voices Of Power explores through music, theatrics, and dance the voices of three modern-day women to weave a quilt that contributes twenty-first century relevance to stories of challenge, perseverance and triumph. Starring the UK's Queen of Soul, Julie Dexter, Jazz Pianist, Jazz/Pop Vocalist, Chanda Leigh and Poet/Soul Singer, Kemi Bennings. Narrated by former Ebony Fashion Fair model, artist and professor, Linda Pearl Fils-Aime (A Lady Named Pearl). Dance choreography by Dawn Axam (Axam Theatre, Atlanta). Music directed by Khari Cabral Simmons (India Arie).

  Who is Valencia Robinson?

"An ethereal voice that transcends space and time" is the The Soul Of Amsterdam's description of the incredible voice of Valencia Robinson. The richness and purity of Valencia's vocals are evident of her Memphis, Tennesse, Baptist church, Stax Records roots. Combining a soulful spirit with poignant lyrics, Valencia disarms audiences and opens their minds to the possibilities of love and life in a style described by many as "raw soul." She has performed throughout Europe with her debut album, Soul Searchin', now considered a masterpiece amongst industry professionals. Valencia has toured with Motown's Jack Ashford (The Funk Brothers) and has performed with Cleveland, Edwin Hawkins and Carla Thomas, to name a few. Valencia has mastered music styles ranging from jazz, soul, folk, opera, and blues.

  Who is Okeeba Jubalo?

A painter, poet and musician, Okeeba Jubalo has taken it upon himself to create a visual voice for those made invisible in America's social, economic and political infrastructure. He considers himself a modern historian, living life according to being in touch with the facts of American Reality. He has exhibited his compelling poetry and delivered poetry in galleries across the country.