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Established in 2002, Soul Sista's Juke Joint is a unique, interactive, cabaret-style evening where original works of emerging & independent artists from varying artistic genres are interwoven into a thematic, live-music, theatrical production. Sista's Juke Joint features an integrated fusion of theatrics, live music, poetry, live visual art, juke joint characters, an all-female band of seasoned musicians and brings back the essence of the "juke joint"; a gathering place open to all people;where men and women came to dance, appreciate life and enjoy the moment. Equally, the juke joint was an incubator for avant-garde music, experimental genres and culture. A production reminiscent of the juke joints of the 50's, 60's and 70's, Soul Sista's Juke Joint will take you back to a time when live music fed the soul and expanded the minds of the people.